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Getting Started with a TokenTact COMBO Bot for Futures Trading

Choose from hundreds of our pre-made profitable strategies that were successfully tested on real data - or make your own. Generate profit from small price fluctuations as the market moves sideways. In the pop-up window, you will see the calculated bot's results (bot profit) with the current settings for the past 30 days (by default), as in the example below. Backtest allows you to evaluate the bot's performance based on historical data of a trading pair for a selected period. However, it may help you understand your bot’s settings and optimize them for the selected trading pair.

When you leverage trade in crypto, your positions better be ready to ride out some wild swings. We're talking flash crashes and pumps around every corner thanks to the 24/7 crypto chaos. One wrong move, and BOOM — your leveraged long gets smoked and you're left twiddling your thumbs as your capital gets wiped out. It is important to remember to trade responsibly and never risk more capital than you can comfortably afford to lose. These quick trading activities conducted via bots can also be called high-frequency trading (HFT).

Scalping involves riding the market's waves to pound out many small wins that compound into substantial gains over time. For those in the dark, the GRID strategy is a widely-used approach in crypto and forex trading that involves placing delayed limit buy and sell orders at predefined price intervals. The chosen price range is divided into multiple levels, forming a grid filled with orders—hence the name.

During bullish or rising conditions, a price increase is preempted, while during a bearish or falling condition, a price decrease is expected. Thirdly, the app offers preset strategies for this bot that are useful to both experts and beginners, but you can also create your own. It operates on the GRID algorithm and distributes investments based on the preset conditions. An experienced trader looking to set up complex trading strategies would probably be better off looking elsewhere.

  • When examining competitors, such as CryptoHero, HaasOnline, and TokenTact, it’s apparent that TokenTact offers a compelling package.
  • The Relative Strength Index, or RSI, is also commonly used to determine when the market is overbought or oversold.
  • The TokenTact futures bot opens and closes hundreds or even thousands of positions in a single day, taking smaller returns from each position.
  • Tip Please be advised that Trailing Up/Down, Take Profit, Stop Loss, and Pump Protection can be modified on any active bot.

Trades are made on every feasible market option, allowing users to earn returns. It is best for users who want to invest in futures instead of immediate trades. Furthermore, this bot compares bullish and bearish markets before making trades. Unfortunately, future bots are only available on the Binance exchange. Many happy TokenTact users have reported consistently growing their crypto holdings using the platform.

TokenTact has a few shorting instruments that can not only automate the whole shorting business but also make it a superbly profitable venture! This regrettable aspect is very important to understand when it comes to shorting. Luckily, multiple hedging mechanisms can help you secure some of your returns and prevent huge losses. If you suppose the price of an asset will decline, you might want to sell it now and rebuy it later at a lower price.

Of course, past results don't guarantee future success in volatile markets. But TokenTact seems well equipped to streamline and optimize the trading experience for maximizing profit potential. So Bitgsap is a platform that supports trading, portfolio tracking, arbitrage, signals, bots – a full spectrum of crypto assets services that can be managed from one dashboard. In this video, we will show you how to set Stop Loss and Take Profit for the Buy entry position on TokenTact platform. This lesson describes the essential part of managing and configuring your Stop Loss and Take Profit order with live comments and instructions for a real-life trading scenario.

Your exchange wallet will hold the funds, and you cannot perform any withdrawals or deposits through TokenTact. Your funds are secured in the respective exchange and connected only through your fully-encrypted API keys. These APIs allow TokenTact to execute trades and gather information on your behalf. The ‘SBOT’ strategy buys and sells different amounts of the base currency at each grid level. The bot will ensure that based on current prices, your buy and sell orders are automatically adjusted to find the best opportunities. The most significant benefit here is that the bot carries out your trades instantaneously.


When the 5 and 8 moving averages converge and cross over the 13 moving average, it points to a strong reversal. When all three moving averages cross, it triggers a buy or sell signal depending on the direction they are moving. Even if you use scalping bots, you’ll still need to have a solid strategy. There is no universal formula for choosing the ideal indicators for scalping cryptocurrencies. The optimal indicators for each scalper will depend on their specific objectives, trading style, and appetite for risk. Scalping is a subset of day trading that thrives on the thrill of the chase —  making numerous small gains from minor daily price fluctuations.

For example, with 5x leverage, your position hits the liquidation zone if the price moves 20% against you. See, the leverage is how much the exchange lets you borrow relative to your initial stake in the game. Say you put down $200 of your hard-earned dollars and take a 10x leverage. Well that means you're borrowing $1,800 more to pump up your position to $2000 total skin in the game. Additionally, this TokenTact review is not intended as an official endorsement of the TokenTact platform. This review is solely for informational and entertainment purposes only.

With straightforward interfaces and pricing models, TokenTact remains an accessible platform for novices, too. TokenTact recently introduced a DCA bot to help users during bullish, bearish, and sideways market conditions. The trading tool offers multiple features, including more accurate entry and exit options, risk management options, and more. Users can expect fast and regular results for those who maintain an active trading approach, although long-term holders can accumulate profit while waiting for better price momentum.

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