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Test Scripts, Test Cases, and Test Scenarios: Understanding the Difference

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definition of test script

A trained manual tester can notice that the system under test is misbehaving without being prompted or directed; automated tests can only examine what they have been programmed to examine. When used in regression testing, manual testers can find new bugs while ensuring that old bugs do not reappear while an automated test can only ensure the latter. Mixed testing, with automated and manual testing, is often used; automating what needs to be tested often and can be easily checked by a machine, and using manual testing to do test design and exploratory testing. You are probably familiar with tools likeHP Quick Test Professional, which help QA professionals create automated tests.

Creating a Test Script: Some Pointers

The test script, the most extensive method of documenting testing, is the starting point for this tale. When people speak about test scripts, they're generally referring to a line-by-line description of all the activities and data required to run a test. A script usually contains steps that attempt to thoroughly define how to use the software — which buttons to hit and in what sequence — to perform a certain activity.

definition of test script

This implies that until the tester deviates from the test script, bugs that lay outside of the script's directives will go undetected. Scripted tests don't always inspire testers to utilize their imagination and technical skills to identify faults that are concealed. Automated tests can, like any piece of software, be poorly written or simply break during playback. They also can only examine what they have been programmed to examine. Since most systems are designed with human interaction in mind, it is good practice that a human tests the system at some point.

#2. Scripting (Keyword/Data-Driven):

A Test Case is a document that contains the sequence of actions that validate if the application is working as per the business requirements. Test cases cover all software product features, from clicking a button and accepting input in a text box to checking for storage and a seamless user interface. A complete test case document has to include every possible combination of data and functionalities to be tested on an application before the final product is ready for roll-out.

  • By reusing scripts, developers can save time on writing new tests.
  • I know that test cases are written in human readable language, whereas test scripts are written in code and mostly done for automated testing.
  • With these tools, testers can perform a set of user actions on an application or website, “record” those user actions, and generate a test script that can “play back” or repeat those operations automatically.
  • These kinds of frameworks know how to take a script written according to their specifications load up a user interface, actually simulate the user actions in the interface, and report on the result.
  • Suppose let’s say the task is to validate whether a file is JSON or not in a list of files.
  • However, they will highly rely upon development resources for any new functionality you want to test automatically.
  • However, the tester may be required to code in order to correct errors or fine-tune the automated behavior.

Although, as a tester, you finally need to go beyond record/playback and learn how to code simple scripts. It is important to understand that you can choose your programming language even if your application is written in Java. Keyword/data driven scriptingin this case there is a clear separation between testers and developers. Testers define the tests using keywords without being aware of the underlying code.

Sample Test case Template

Test Scriptmeans prepared, detailed instructions used by the testers who will execute the test and which include the System commands, input data and expected results and checks that must be performed. Hough the primary differences between test cases and test scripts have been established, in some instances, these terms are used in tandem or interchangeably. It is unique to the application being tested, and the practices followed within the project team.

But eventually you will have to go beyond record/playback and learn how to code scripts directly. It’s important to realize that you can choose your programming language even if your application is written in Java, it doesn’t mean you need to write test scripts in Java which can be difficult to learn. You can just as well write your scripts in an easier language like Javascript or Ruby and they will be able to execute against the Java application.

Test Case Tool Integration

The testers write automated scripts that can generate data to test every functionality. Usually, the test scripts run automatically and check every test case with various possible input data. Python, Ruby, Perl, Java, VB Script etc are a few of the scripting languages used to write test scripts.

definition of test script

This document determines how detailed your tests are and what information should be included in each test case. They need to specify how a user can locate the title of the Welcome screen that appears after login- say, by its CSS element ID. Verify that the Login screen that appears and the “Username” and “Password” fields are visible. However, what is test script it does not mean that you need to write your test scripts in Java, which can be difficult to learn. Instead, you can write your test scripts in an easier language like JavaScript or Ruby . If you like to create test script using this method, you will typically still have the ability to record or playback and generate a simple script.

Test automation made easy

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definition of test script

A test script template is a document which outlines the steps for performing various tests on an application or system. The template can include instructions for setting up test data, executing specific tests, and verifying the results. It also includes information about expected outcomes of each step in the testing process. This helps to ensure that all necessary tests are performed correctly and that all expected results are achieved. Test script templates can also provide guidance on how to troubleshoot any errors which may occur during testing and help to identify potential problems in the application before releasing it.

How to run your first Selenium test script

Selenium can help with locating the interface objects that represent the output of the system. But it does not support “assertions”, meaning you need to write your own code to check if the values are in fact the expected values. There might be complex logic around that, for example if the output is a price in an eCommerce system, you need to reference multiple business rules to see what is the right price in each case.

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