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Full-Cycle Software Development Company Boopro Technology d o.o.

From the highest level of security with blockchain to reliable automation with AI/ML — use every benefit for your solution. Extend the comfort of your resort with practical mobile software solutions. Meet the demands of modern customers in speed and security with scalable financial technology. Cross-platform apps that can work in different environments thanks to a unique blend of native and web app technologies. We use data hosting service providers in the United States and Ireland to store the information we collect, and we do use extra technical measures to secure your data. Where data processing is carried out to develop a contract between you and Altoros.

Value-Based Care Platform Management of chronic diseases is a challenging process for both patients and healthcare providers that requires ongoing monitoring, supervision, and creating personalized care plans. To achieve greater outcomes, enhance the patient experience, and reduce operational costs, medical professionals seek to adopt new approaches and technology solutions... DevOps engineers may also need to devise a plan to implement higher-level testing such as system testing and integration testing to reduce the chance of the product failing in production. Finally, implementing a workflow for user acceptance testing can wrap up the testing stage by testing the adherence to customers' requirements in real-world scenarios.

Enthusiastic and driven, the team strives to meet objectives and deliver success. Positive feedback from users has focused on the effective integration of new features. Expect aTeam soft solutions to full-cycle software and app development service serve as a responsive partner and accommodate new requests quickly. Our creative team will bring your idea to full-fledged responsive design and create eye-catching website design and development.

At Systematic Consulting Group, we always aim for the following qualities in all our software projects. We do this because we truly believe that it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the field. We read about them online, go to conferences and meetups about them, and even talk to other developers about them. You can share your API documentation with us for your app and our experts will update regarding the changes into your product. Confirming that everything measures up to expectations is one more part of the acceptance stage. Here we must most likely revise the particulars in the requirements document and check whether it meets the characterized MVP.

Our clients

As a result, you will receive a holistic report that describes the product status, the revealed gaps, an improvement roadmap, and its implementation proposal. We always believe in serving our clients with best and effective solutions that enables them to get over the startup challenges. Here we’ve showcased a few applications built by our experts based on client requirements.

full-cycle software and app development service

For 19 years, Java developers at Altoros have been helping customers to develop high-load, distributed, secure, and fail-safe solutions. Our team has performed multiple benchmarks of the most popular NoSQL data stores and distributed computing tools in cooperation with their development teams, working with the core of the products. With 30+ years of IT experience and a team of 1,000+ skilled Software & QA Engineers, Infopulse will support you through all stages of custom software development, from shaping the idea to end-to-end solution development. To improve the product development lifecycle, we bring the best engineering practices and the best-fit developer tools to automate everything we can.

To make sure your application doesn’t fail, and everything’s on track. Even after a released product has been seemingly stable for a while, it still needs to be maintained and updated from time to time. This streamlining of operations and deployment can happen through automating deployment after the QA engineers have reviewed the product. Though it needs a lot of effort and unique ideas to impress the investors.

Contact us for Mobile Application to deliver differentiated customer experiences

Our key advantage over other software product development companies is the guarantee of efficiency. If you are not satisfied with the result, we will not charge you for the work done during a two-week trial period. Gain a sustainable competitive advantage by outsourcing software product development and adopting innovative technologies. We deliver cutting-edge custom software, ensuring seamless integration with existing workflows. Our experts also build and share a relevant knowledge base, easing the learning curve for your in-house team. We are proud of our leaders who help deliver best-in-class services on the software development market.

full-cycle software and app development service

Our top app developers have a clear set of goals for the clients, to improve their ROI, increase their user base, and make them their industry leader by building a sleek web and mobile application. Neetable is a web and mobile app development firm, with HQ in USA and India, enabling success stories worldwide. We help build impactful digital solutions for Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, and Startups. We deliver what you need by building quality, nextgen, market-ready software.


Then, we select the right cross platform mobile app development services or tools you need , to run your application across multiple platforms. Organizations, both small and large, depend on mobile applications to remain competitive in the present market. With such countless various platforms and operating systems, it tends to be hard to track down the right development group to make a custom application that addresses your issues. Fortunately, there are possibilities for offshore mobile app development services that can give top-notch results for a fraction of the expense of recruiting a group in-house.

Custom automated payroll processing, own resource management system, warehouse inventory planning automation- Scopic can create all kinds of custom software solutions following the highest standards of security. We provide design services including Prototyping, UX & UI Design, and Usability Engineering. Our QA team carefully identifies bugs using the best practices and approaches in manual and automation software testing. We ensure the quality and usability of the final product providing compliance with the specified project requirements and seamless user experience.

Data we gather from our chatbot

At this point, we will circle back to all the project milestones, making sure that all the requirements are met. IOS or Android, 3d technology, or natural language processing, augmented reality or customized communication services…you name what you’re looking for, we know how to help you. We provide timely support during cooperation based on the Fixed Price model, including bug fixing, for 3 months after the software project completed. Our team is always ready to resolve your issues remotely or temporarily operate on the basis of your office, if necessary.

  • A leading financial data provider that covers the global venture capital, private equity, and public markets.
  • 7) To store case studies, describing a delivered project approved by a customer, we use an internal web portal—SharePoint Portal — which only employees of Altoros can access.
  • The best way to get better is through feedback, and the best individuals to give insightful guidance are your real clients.
  • We analyze and strategically plan to build your project with scalable and solid infrastructure.

This also relates to UX where a smaller display, screen layouts, and different user interaction styles have a significant impact on mobile app design. So, mobile applications may share common elements of the UI with other applications. If so, they must adhere to developed UI guidelines implemented in software development kits as part of the platform. During the coding phase, developers must ensure cross-platform compatibility with different operating systems. For instance, apps developed for Android users must be able to work both on current Android versions as well as older ones.

Application Development

EPAM Anywhere Business builds upon the success and capabilities of its parent company, operating in over 35 countries with a combined headcount of nearly 50,000 employees. No matter the complexity of your current or future project, you’ll have the right people for the job, guaranteed. Pass industrial certifications and internal compliance audits with flying colors as well as less rework by running your apps’ code past our skilled mobile engineering leads and software architects. A straightforward explanation of DevOps meaning in software development and its peculiarities. How IoT supply chain solutions impact management and overall business progress. The possibility to quickly and inexpensively test your business idea among the target audience and demonstrate the product potential to investors.

From idea to design and development of your mobile application, we will cover the whole development cycle. To be easily available to your users, an app for your business will help you the best. Reach your customers on their smartphone via multi platform app development. As of us, it is the best choice to go for multiplatform app development and flourish your business to the targeted region.

React Native development services at Altoros help companies to build customer-centric software across multiple platforms. Hire Xamarin app developers to build modern cross-platform applications and design a customer-centric user interface /user experience . Our company’s C# developers are able to complete a full development cycle of your software product from initial analysis to support and maintenance. Get robust and scalable C#-based solutions that cater for enterprises to medium- and small-scale organizations across a vast number of industries. Build scalable, dynamic, and secure web applications and interactive websites with a top Angular development company. With extensive expertise in Angular, we set up teams designed to meet your product roadmap and business goals.

Understanding how much it costs to develop an app depends on the developers’ level of engagement in the process. For instance, one option is to go the route of a Full Cycle Agency or app developer to custom-build or complete any unfinished apps. But there’s also no code or low code, off-the-peg solutions in the form of app builders. And, if there are enough resources, capacity, and finances, in-house development could be an option. But this will come at a cost along with the need to onboard and integrate staff.

Our dedicated R&D teams will help you create an innovative custom solution based on AI, Big Data, Cloud computing, IoT & M2M, Industry 4.0, Blockchain, XR, and other cutting-edge technologies. Our strength lies in the comprehensive suite of services we offer to our clients. We start with some kick-off calls to determine the project requirements. We always offer a free discovery call to address all of your software engineering needs.

Testing and Bug Fixing

Each member of our team is a professional in the niche, and all together we are able to develop projects of almost any complexity, without lowering down the quality standards. Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Trading Software Guide 2023Pro cryptocurrency arbitrage software allows maximizing your arbitrage trading potential and benefits from price differences. Such platforms have been a blast in 2022 and they continue to grow in popularity going into 2023. To hop on the trend and make that fat check, explore the peculiarities of choosing crypto arbitrage software. We cover recruitment expenses, workspace equipment, and different employee benefits, thus, cutting your project costs while providing better solutions. Our company boasts an extensive track record of timely and on-budget product delivery.

With fully integrated pharmacy management software, your business can benefit from workflow automation, simplified administrative functions, proper storage, and revenue management. Their expertise and ability to deliver quality are what we value the most. From full-stack development to just consultancy- you demand, we deliver. We have over 200+ developers who can work with any programming language of your choice. Once estimates are approved, we will create a more detailed project plan for your final review. Ensure your software scales along with you by tapping into front and back-end technology.

We Start Here

Our team redesigned its website, having added multiple language versions to attract international patients. We developed a thoughtful architecture for easy interaction with the site and added call-to-action elements to increase conversions. Mobile app for children goods stores that reached over 1.5M downloads and over 100K purchases within the first month after launch.

We apply functional and non-functional testing across all stages of the custom software development lifecycle to ensure the top performance, flawless usability, and robust security of the custom solution. This service is designed for customers who want to develop an advanced custom web/ mobile/ or desktop application and evaluate its technical feasibility. In addition to the services offered in the discovery phase, our experts will develop a PoC to validate the solution, as well as specify its benefits and drawbacks by testing its key features. We provide versatile desktop software development services for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Our experts will help you create client-server, utility, multimedia, or any other standalone desktop software with unmatched security and ultimate performance.

To coordinate the process for a time, material and fixed rate model, we authorize a skilled and experienced project manager for a business. When we have an application available we want to screen the metrics and gain from the clients’ way of behaving so we can further improve it with every iteration. Review mechanism– Regardless of whether you do all the expected levels of effort in formulating a perfect application, there will unavoidably be things you miss and regions you can refine.

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